How to use the inverter correctly

The first is to connect the inverter correctly, how to connect the inverter correctly:
1. Secure the supplied negative (black) DC cable to the negative (-) bolt on the inverter and connect the other end to the negative (-) post of the battery.
2. Fasten the supplied positive (red) DC cable to the positive (+) bolt of the inverter and the other end to the positive (+) post of the battery.
3. The nut of the terminal must be tightened to ensure a good connection.
4. Press and hold the power switch for one second, because it is a long-press switch.
PS: Make sure your battery capacity is large enough and the voltage is correct before connecting the inverter. Connecting the cables in reverse will damage the inverter and void the warranty.

Secondly, use the inverter within the rated power range, and use it without overloading. Do not run the inverter with full load for a long time, otherwise it will affect the life of the inverter and increase the failure rate of the inverter. Do not use it continuously for a long time, it is best to use the inverter in a state of not exceeding 80% of the rated power.

Turn off the inverter when it is not in use. Because the inverter is turned on and not connected to anything, there will be idle power consumption and part of the battery power will be consumed. And, it's safer to turn it off.

Also, keep the surrounding environment of the inverter and battery pack neat and clean, ensure the heat dissipation of the inverter, and do not accumulate flammable objects and metal objects around.

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